Coming from the mine after a full day of hard working in a cold or very hot weather with the rough stones, we arrive at the factory and my other group of workers jumps right in to cut the big pieces of rough into a small and thin surface pieces of druzys plates, once cut we start shaping and polishing then, this is a very hard and dedicated work before our costumes can see then here or in trade shows, after all, is your turn to put hard working and imagination to your design to finally delivered the piece to a final customer, this is the beauty of a group of people working together including you without knowing each other to deliver the best with love from all, God bless every single one of you.

Also, we have a huge line of Lemurian Crystals with and without Phantoms, others healing minerals and all line of wands, games, runes, mercaba etc.

We accept an order of  John Of God Bed made specific to you.
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    Lemurian Crystal
    Lemurian Crystals For Healers
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    LemuraisTitle 2
  3. Managing Director
    John Of God Bed



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