John Of God Crystal Bed

Physicians of the Spirit always prescribe crystal bed therapy with light therapy. To provide the crystal beds, so that it is sent outside the property of the Casa Dom Ignacio with the specific recommendation and connection with the Doctors of the Spirit. For this to be allowed by the entities we need your full name and date of birth, to be placed in the section to be approved by them. Also, the crystals that will be used in your bed have to be part of this section to incorporate and channel the energy and vibration of the healing of the Physicians of the Spirit to your bed. Space and time are like an illusion, in fact, the spirit doctors can be anywhere in the world and act and work directly with those who seek their healing, guidance, and protection through the crystalline beds of healing and light. Experiences with Crystal Bed Therapy vary according to the individual. They occur on all levels of being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

  • Opening and harmonization of energy centers (chakras)
  • Better flow of vital energy through elimination of blockages in energy channels (meridians)
  • Positive influence on the functions of vital organs, circulation, and nervous system
  • Better sleep, significant relief in cases of insomnia
  • Relaxation, harmony and deep inner peace
  • Stress Neutralization
  • Feeling of harmony and well-being
  • Relief and even elimination of physical and emotional pain
  • Deeper and more spiritual understanding of the current situation of life
  • Stronger connection with one's own spirituality through deep meditation experience
  • Perception of the love of the spiritual plane
  • Inner peace
  • Synchronized with a new and vibrant way of life, these aspects of balancing the vital energy of inner healing can actually favor health.

What are the recommendations for the glass bath?
You can receive calls with the crystal bed voluntarily.
The sessions, lasting 30 minutes, will lay you on a stretcher and will have 7 Vogel crystals with colored lights passing them suspended over your body, which will be pointed at your energetic centers. It is recommended not to wear jewelry, glasses, watches or any other metal, tight clothing and belts.


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